Book Summary – The Science of Getting Rich

For anybody who likes learning but doesn’t have time, I’ll be dedicating a few posts to books’ summaries. I’ve been reading a lot in the past years and I’d like to share what I’ve learned. As my engineering mind likes bullets a lot, there will be plenty!

So, without further ado, let’s start with the first book summary: Wallace Wattles – The Science of Getting Rich [1910]

  • Life = body (health: physical development) + mind (wealth: mental development) + soul (love: service to others). All 3 are NEEDED in order to reach proper fulfilment.
  • Getting rich = doing things in a certain way (following certain laws) –> thinking things in a certain way –> everything comes from a thought, thoughts become things –> don’t fear nor doubt as I create what I want!
  • Riches don’t come from the environment: even if people are living in the same neighbourhood, doing the same business, having the same talents there are still rich and poor –> only doing things a certain way makes rich (law of CAUSE & EFFECT) –> SCIENCE of getting rich.
  • Doing what you like, where you like, with the talents you have, developing/choosing a growing market for your business: it all helps you in getting rich but is not sufficient to be rich.
  • Desire of riches = capacity for larger life-seeking fulfilment (unexpressed possibility coming to action). Nature does it continually, when a plant or an animal grows: it’s natural to desire riches (the purpose of nature is the advancement and enfoldment of life).
  • Extreme selfishness is as wrong as extreme altruism: be wealthy in body + mind + soul, in BALANCE.
  • The world is a place of  A B U N D A N C E: there’s no need of competition, just be a creator. The supply is not limited.
  • In the past, great riches came by systematizing and organizing an industry (steel & oil in the past, information now).
  • Give to others more value than you take from them in cash –> generate value. Apply the same to employees: pay them LESS than you get out from them in value (or you’d be destroying value).
  • Be clear and express what I want to the universe: visualize.
  • Seek harmony with the universe –> GRATITUDE towards the universe (or god, or infinite power or however you wanna call it).
  • Surround myself with the best.
  • Desires: very CLEAR mental picture & linger upon it while visualizing.
  • It’s like a compass. You follow where it says the north is. The north is your desire when you visualize it –> if you don’t visualize it there’s no more north and the needle moves randomly but you still follow it… –> be clear and hold on your thought!
  • A Vision exists because of a Purpose (desire), which holds because of Faith.
  • Apply my will ONLY to myself, not to others. Don’t force them to do things. Don’t take, give. And they’ll give back…
  • Use my will only to think and do things in the right way in order to achieve my goals. No more is needed…
  • Only put positive impression on what I want in order to reach it faster (no doubt nor disbelief) –> don’t think of poverty, illness, war, etc. Think of wealth, health, peace, etc.
  • Have pictures of wealth in my mind. Help the poor by getting rich myself and being a model for them. The poor don’t need charity, they need inspiration –> get rich and show them how to do the same. Get rich by creation, NOT competition.
  • Think of the poor as people who are about to get rich, and should be congratulated instead of pitied.
  • Make the most of myself to help the world the greatest. Solve my own problems and get rich:
    1. Visualize clearly (thought) with purpose and faith.
    2. Act in a certain way: stick to my purpose, with faith. Combine action with thought:
      • Thought: how things are brought to me (vision, purpose & faith draw things towards me);
      • Action: how I receive what I thought (actions make forces move me towards the things I want).
    3. Act now, not in the past or the future. And think in the NOW as well, not in the future. Don’t dwell upon the past as it’s gone; I can only act where I am now, and on people and things within reach. Think on what I can do NOW to get me closer NOW to what I desire for the future. Hold the thought of what I want with purpose and faith, but act now.
    4. CREATIVE MIND: thought with a fixed purpose + act now.
  • Progress = to fill MORE than the present place I’m holding now.
  • Only successful days get me what I want. Day of failure = I don’t do what I should have done today –> don’t overwork but do something everyday towards my goal –> do only the few effective things, but efficiently –> put all my power in every act, with the purpose to move towards a larger life.
  • Business for me: the one in which I have natural abilities (although it’s not sufficient to get rich). Abilities are just TOOLS, but they need to be used in the proper way! Otherwise (if I don’t have the abilities), I need to make the tools (learn the abilities) along the way (it’s harder, but not impossible).
  • I can do whatever I want but doing what I’m good at is simply easier.
  • Don’t have a competitive mind, have a creative mind.
  • If in doubt, step back and refine your vision and faith. Never hurry (= mentality of the competitor).
  • Actions today: to do well and better what I’m doing, where I’m doing it (even if I wanna change what I’m doing in the future) –> GROWTH.
  • Don’t brag about my success when I reach it. Just think of vision, purpose, and faith.
  • If others think they’d grow by being with me, they’ll associate with me, otherwise they won’t…
  • Law of increase of life: man naturally wants to increase their life.
  • Hence, if I can increase the life of others and make them aware of it, I’ll get rich.
  • Advancement at work: be too big for my workplace (but this is not enough) + know what I wanna do (power of purpose: vision, purpose, faith, gratitude –> action).
  • Have an advancing mind: will to move forward with a purpose. But always think creatively (in order to have access to the super-conscious mind), not competitively. Never speak of failure nor fear. Always speak of advancement: failure doesn’t exist (it’s just a learning experience, a proof that the vision wasn’t strong enough). Have gratitude towards life.