11 Great Outsourcing Websites

Here’s a list of outsourcing websites to free up your time (and lower costs) so that you can concentrate of what really contributes value…

You can outsource (almost) everything to (almost) anywhere, and have your virtual assistants and free lancers ready to help you.

One of the experts on the topic is Tim Ferriss… Tim explains well in his blog posts and his book that outsourcing is great but has some pitfalls, mainly related to mismatched expectations (clarity of objectives) and communication (taking things for granted) in delegating tasks to others.

I also suggest this great book that analyses in detail opportunities and threats of the world getting flatter and flatter:

Thomas Friedman – The World Is Flat [2007]

What’s your experience with outsourcing?

11 People to Get You Inspired

Here’s a list of inspiring people that greatly impacted the way I view the world:

Who inspires you?

9 Great Books to Take Your Startup to Success

A few very interesting books have been published lately about Agile philosophy and Lean manufacturing applied to startups, and more in general books related to improving the chances of success in starting a company.

I suggest the following ones, together with some classics:

Which other great books do you think are missing?