The Math of Life

Yesterday was my 35-th birthday and I saw this picture on a friend’s facebook post:

which puzzled me, because I don’t think it’s correct. I see it more like:


(I used this LaTeX Equation Editor, I know it’s not perfect, but it gives the idea… 😉 )

I consider happiness a function of time, while in the original formula it seems like the older you are, the less happy you are (as time is at the denominator)…

Now, given that birth can be considered a constant (in the sense that it doesn’t depend much on us), to maximize the integral we can:

  1. “increase” death, which is to take it as far away from birth as possible (supposing happiness to be a positive function, which is not so in the case of deep sorrow).
    Now you’re gonna tell me “but I can’t decide when I’m gonna die!” Of course not, but we can take action on trying to make life longer (namely sleeping properly, doing physical exercise, having a healthy diet, living in a less polluted city, etc.)
  2. having happiness(time) as “big” as possible. I think everyone defines happiness in their own way, it could be a mixture of success, freedom, fulfillment, love, meeting Maslow’s needs, ecc.
    Personally I find that, once you have enough money not to worry too much about the future, spending time with my friends and family (and taking care of them, and myself), while doing cool and challenging work, and discovering new and adventurous things (by reading, travelling, learning, etc.) are what thrill me the most about the day ahead.
    Taking also into account that you can be happy:

    1. by living in the moment a happy situation, or also
    2. by remembering past happy situations (or also thinking about sad memories in a more pleasant way)

    I figured that I’m meeting the purpose of life at a greater extent than I thought, especially lately! And I wish you can do that too!!


“There are many types of rich — and I am talking about both external and internal rewards. Being rich is about having an abundance of what matters to you most.”

Btw, I also got the bestest present in my world yesterday, thanks to my goddess, whom I dedicate this song to: