10 easy steps to set your membership site up and running in 30min, for FREE!


these past weeks I’ve been busy studying the best infrastructures online to get up and running with a small online business (a membership site, as I’m building one…), so I thought of sharing the main steps to get your presence online and the tools you need.

What is a membership site? A place where people regularly pay to have access to restricted topics of your choice (e.g. a cousine website where for $9 per month you get new recipes regularly…)

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Facebook and create a Page and a Group (the group is useful to create a private community on the topic)
  2. Go to gmail.com and create an email (do this first so you can use it as the email contact for all the other steps)
  3. Go to Teachable (www.teachable.com) and create your own “school” (where you’ll put all your material)
  4. Go to Twitter and create an account
  5. Go to IFTT.com and create an account
  6. Go to Buffer.com and create an account
  7. Go to YouTube and open a channel, this will also create a Google+ profile (to post promotional videos)
  8. Go to Google Analytics an create an account (for web analytics)
  9. Go to Optimize.ly and create an account
  10. Go to MailChimp and create an account (for a free mailing system up to 2000 subscribers) — [ActiveCampaign is definitively a better choice, but it ain’t free]
  11. Use GoDaddy.com to get your domain name (.com! search on google for coupons and you’ll spend $1 for your first year – ok it’s the only thing that’s not free, but it’s very affortable!)
  12. Go to Mixpanel.com and get an account (for mobile analytics)
  13. Go to SumoMe and get an account (to grow traffic: AWESOME!)

The nice thing about this is that you will then:

  1. Link your Facebook Page, Twitter, and Google+ together thru IFTT and Buffer (so you just have to write in 1 place and have ALL your posts propagated in the other social channels!)
  2. Link your MailChimp account to Teachable and your Facebook Page (so people signing up will grow your list, and that’s the only thing that matters)
  3. Link your Google Analytics to everywhere you can…
  4. Forward your domain thru GoDaddy to Teachable


People who go to your .com domain will split test your landing page (thru Optimize.ly), and then either receive an email or go directly to your membership site. You’ll write new stuff on your blog on Teachable and gather all the emails with MailChimp.

What do you think? Any other tools you’d recommend?

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