Book Summary – It’s not about the Bike

My bullet-summary of Lance Armstrong – it’s not about the bike [2001]

  • Concentration and focus: turn every negative into a positive! –> work SO hard. Suffer without complaining = ENDURANCE.
  • No one will make it for me!
  • Excellence comes from self-discipline and incremental improvements. Success comes from long-term vision and going with other people to the finish line with me, with patience.
  • People die, why continuing then? Because people live, too!
  • What’s the purpose of my life? Vision, mission, definite purpose: have them clear! Be tested by life and through pain and discipline I’ll succeed: keep it in perspective!
  • Have no self-pity.
  • The real good friends come to see me when I am in danger/pain.
  • Do my homework: study my situation in order to know my odds, in order to see what to do. I AM responsible!
  • Do like children do: NO FEAR, no failure, just HOPE. Ignore odds and percentages, fight like hell (get all information available, 2nd 3rd and 4th opinion on my health, etc.). BELIEVE I can succeed!
  • Everything is a positive learning experience, even in front of death –> focus on improvement.
  • CANCER: Courage, Attitude, Never give up, Curability, Enlightenment, Remembrance of my fellow patients. Pain to gain.
  • My life is important for the community.



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