Book Summary – The Science of Getting Rich

For anybody who likes learning but doesn’t have time, I’ll be dedicating a few posts to books’ summaries. I’ve been reading a lot in the past years and I’d like to share what I’ve learned. As my engineering mind likes bullets a lot, there will be plenty!

So, without further ado, let’s start with the first book summary: Wallace Wattles – The Science of Getting Rich [1910]

  • Life = body (health: physical development) + mind (wealth: mental development) + soul (love: service to others). All 3 are NEEDED in order to reach proper fulfilment.
  • Getting rich = doing things in a certain way (following certain laws) –> thinking things in a certain way –> everything comes from a thought, thoughts become things –> don’t fear nor doubt as I create what I want!
  • Riches don’t come from the environment: even if people are living in the same neighbourhood, doing the same business, having the same talents there are still rich and poor –> only doing things a certain way makes rich (law of CAUSE & EFFECT) –> SCIENCE of getting rich.
  • Doing what you like, where you like, with the talents you have, developing/choosing a growing market for your business: it all helps you in getting rich but is not sufficient to be rich.
  • Desire of riches = capacity for larger life-seeking fulfilment (unexpressed possibility coming to action). Nature does it continually, when a plant or an animal grows: it’s natural to desire riches (the purpose of nature is the advancement and enfoldment of life).
  • Extreme selfishness is as wrong as extreme altruism: be wealthy in body + mind + soul, in BALANCE.
  • The world is a place of  A B U N D A N C E: there’s no need of competition, just be a creator. The supply is not limited.
  • In the past, great riches came by systematizing and organizing an industry (steel & oil in the past, information now).
  • Give to others more value than you take from them in cash –> generate value. Apply the same to employees: pay them LESS than you get out from them in value (or you’d be destroying value).
  • Be clear and express what I want to the universe: visualize.
  • Seek harmony with the universe –> GRATITUDE towards the universe (or god, or infinite power or however you wanna call it).
  • Surround myself with the best.
  • Desires: very CLEAR mental picture & linger upon it while visualizing.
  • It’s like a compass. You follow where it says the north is. The north is your desire when you visualize it –> if you don’t visualize it there’s no more north and the needle moves randomly but you still follow it… –> be clear and hold on your thought!
  • A Vision exists because of a Purpose (desire), which holds because of Faith.
  • Apply my will ONLY to myself, not to others. Don’t force them to do things. Don’t take, give. And they’ll give back…
  • Use my will only to think and do things in the right way in order to achieve my goals. No more is needed…
  • Only put positive impression on what I want in order to reach it faster (no doubt nor disbelief) –> don’t think of poverty, illness, war, etc. Think of wealth, health, peace, etc.
  • Have pictures of wealth in my mind. Help the poor by getting rich myself and being a model for them. The poor don’t need charity, they need inspiration –> get rich and show them how to do the same. Get rich by creation, NOT competition.
  • Think of the poor as people who are about to get rich, and should be congratulated instead of pitied.
  • Make the most of myself to help the world the greatest. Solve my own problems and get rich:
    1. Visualize clearly (thought) with purpose and faith.
    2. Act in a certain way: stick to my purpose, with faith. Combine action with thought:
      • Thought: how things are brought to me (vision, purpose & faith draw things towards me);
      • Action: how I receive what I thought (actions make forces move me towards the things I want).
    3. Act now, not in the past or the future. And think in the NOW as well, not in the future. Don’t dwell upon the past as it’s gone; I can only act where I am now, and on people and things within reach. Think on what I can do NOW to get me closer NOW to what I desire for the future. Hold the thought of what I want with purpose and faith, but act now.
    4. CREATIVE MIND: thought with a fixed purpose + act now.
  • Progress = to fill MORE than the present place I’m holding now.
  • Only successful days get me what I want. Day of failure = I don’t do what I should have done today –> don’t overwork but do something everyday towards my goal –> do only the few effective things, but efficiently –> put all my power in every act, with the purpose to move towards a larger life.
  • Business for me: the one in which I have natural abilities (although it’s not sufficient to get rich). Abilities are just TOOLS, but they need to be used in the proper way! Otherwise (if I don’t have the abilities), I need to make the tools (learn the abilities) along the way (it’s harder, but not impossible).
  • I can do whatever I want but doing what I’m good at is simply easier.
  • Don’t have a competitive mind, have a creative mind.
  • If in doubt, step back and refine your vision and faith. Never hurry (= mentality of the competitor).
  • Actions today: to do well and better what I’m doing, where I’m doing it (even if I wanna change what I’m doing in the future) –> GROWTH.
  • Don’t brag about my success when I reach it. Just think of vision, purpose, and faith.
  • If others think they’d grow by being with me, they’ll associate with me, otherwise they won’t…
  • Law of increase of life: man naturally wants to increase their life.
  • Hence, if I can increase the life of others and make them aware of it, I’ll get rich.
  • Advancement at work: be too big for my workplace (but this is not enough) + know what I wanna do (power of purpose: vision, purpose, faith, gratitude –> action).
  • Have an advancing mind: will to move forward with a purpose. But always think creatively (in order to have access to the super-conscious mind), not competitively. Never speak of failure nor fear. Always speak of advancement: failure doesn’t exist (it’s just a learning experience, a proof that the vision wasn’t strong enough). Have gratitude towards life.

7 thoughts on “Book Summary – The Science of Getting Rich

  1. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good.

    I don’t know who you are but certainly you are going to a famous blogger
    if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!


  2. I’d need to check with you here. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a publish that will make folks think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!


  3. The book ‘Science of Getting Rich’ by Mr. Wattles is a little outdated; but, very prophetic. In the 21st century some of what Mr. Wattles says in his book is no different from the advice students receive in an MBA program. Nevertheless, compare Mr. Wattles statements below to other statements made by modern day advertisers, and state operated lotteries further down:

    1). “Thinking in a Certain Way (process) will bring riches to you, but you must not rely upon thought alone (marketing), paying no attention to personal action (advertising)”.- Mr. Wattles, ‘Science of Getting Rich’ 1910
    2). “You must give every man more in use value than he gives you in cash value”.- Mr. Wattles, ‘Science of Getting Rich’ 1910
    3). “A person must pass from the competitive to the creative mind. Otherwise he cannot be in harmony with formless intelligence, which is always creative and never competitive in spirit”.- Mr. Wattles, ‘Science of Getting Rich’ 1910

    Now! Compare the above listed statements by Mr. Wattles to modern day advertisers, and state operated lotteries in the 21st century listed below:

    1). “Essentially, Marketing is the process (Certain Way) used to build business”.- Andrew Griffiths, ‘101 Ways to Advertise Your Business’ 2004
    2). “To encourage frequency of Lottery playing offer low cost (use value) game entry and huge jackpot (cash value) rewards”.- Roger Dunstan, ‘Gambling in California’ 1997
    3). “State lotteries do not compete head-to-head for lottery business, presenting a unique opportunity for industry cooperation to develop and bring the best games to market”.- Texas Lottery Commission ‘Comprehensive Business Plan (Fiscal Years 2012-2015)’

    *Note: In a nutshell what Mr. Wattles didn’t say in 1910 and what modern thinkers today are saying is that by marketing, the thing you want is brought to you and by advertising you receive it. Mr. Wattles, nonetheless, remarked that those particularly in the Health industry would benefit greatly from his advice; yet, I believe his teachings are already being incorporated into modern day lotteries or gambling enterprises. 

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  4. A great outline from a great book – thank you for this.

    Whether you believe in the metaphysical or not, this book delivers true wisdom in spades.

    It’s my biggest go-to when I’m feeling down or that I might not be successful. 😄


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