5 Posts to Take Your Blog to Success

I should have written this post as the very first one of my blog, as it helps me provide focus and purposes when I write and share my findings.

Below you can find a few tips on how to create and write a better blog… The bottom line is to focus on genuinely helping people, providing content that gives value to somebody, and that is first interesting to you.

On the purpose of blogging:


Tanner, and also Seth, suggest that people wanna hear about things that can help them or are entertaining, something that is insightful for them: you must be truly helpful! So start blogging by asking good questions (broad enough) and look for answers (others will probably need the same answers). e.g. what is creativity? why does it matter? how can we get more in our lives? how will it affect the future?

You should ask questions that you think are interesting for YOU! And find the answers. Be passionately curious!! Create art for art’s sake, for yourself.

Focus on exploring passionately a topic you’re interested about, and share your findings. Don’t make people feel good, give them tough advice: the advice they need, not the one they want to hear… Being really helpful is the key to successful blogging!

Write well and you’ll be fine: write like you meant it, first do research, then write your findings. Research is your gift to readers… 😉 Write as if you were writing for your past, uneducated self. You are your own audience! You are teaching yourself…

And Quora and Google scholar are great places to look for information…

What do you think?

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